Dick and Loy’s Media & Marketing Mayhem

Bill Haw Mr. Stockyard Area Dreamer

October 15, 2019

Bill Haw and the KC Stockyards!  Dick and Loy discover two great Kansas City stories.  The Livestock Exchange Building, owned by Bill, is a 110-year-old gem that has been authentically restored by Bill and houses several businesses and artists.  Bill is an 80-year old man of action and adventure.  A Rancher who owns land in the Flint Hills and much of the land south of I-670 in the Stockyards area.  Apartments going up.  Bike and Walk trails along the KAW river.  All in Bill's plans.  Join us to find out what he has up his sleeve!  Our Youtube version of this chat is available on our channel too with a surprising trip through the woods up from the KAW river led by Bill.  Check it out.

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