World Renowned Wine Guy Doug Frost

December 11, 2018

Dick and Loy drink lunch at the Restaurant at 1900 with the Uncontested King of Kansas City Wine Geeks -- Doug Frost. Many of the finest restaurants call on the lovable professor Frost for his ability to pull together a kick-ass wine list. Writer, speaker, weird music lover, entrepreneur, and provocateur. Love him! Celebrate him! Because Kansas City without Doug Frost would be like... Des Moines. On a Sunday.  


Renaissance Man Crosby Kemper III Show

November 30, 2018
A former bank CEO, a librarian, a television personality, a historian and a philanthropist walk into a bar. The bartender says, "What'll it be, Mr. Kemper?"
Kansas City really loves Crosby Kemper. If you don't believe that... YOU try getting 84% of local citizens to support a $2.8 million annual tax levy to increase your budget. Crosby III shares his wonderful wit and wisdom with your humble hosts.  

Golf Pro and Raconteur Gene Barlow

November 11, 2018

Dick and Loy talk to Gene Barlow, golf teaching pro, tournament host, gentleman, and raconteur!  Gene invented many of the scramble traditions we are familiar with today, and he is responsible for the PGA's return to KC. He shares some unbelievable tales about his friend Tom Watson and others and gives some great pointers on running your own golf tournament.


Joe Wilcox KC’s Best Known Restaurant Manager

October 9, 2018

Joe Wilcox may be the best-know restaurant manager ever in Kansas City.  Plaza 3, the Bristol, he has been at the center of the food and drink scene since way back in the old downtown Rusty Scupper days.  

Dick Wilson and Loy Edge talk with Joe about his more recent projects in the Kansas City and Wichita food and beverage markets and reminisce about colorful people and places from the past. Set 'em up, Joe!


Charlie Podrebarac & Ted McKnight Show

September 13, 2018

Dick Wilson & Loy Edge welcome KC "Cowtown" cartoonist Charlie Podrebarac.  His cartoons have appeared in newspapers around the world as well as magazines such as Playboy, Business LawToday, and The Independent.  And we chat with KC Chiefs great Ted McKnight about an interesting project with fans in England and a few memories from his gridiron days.  Is that the "Man In Black" in the employee lounge? Get it wherever you... 


KY102 Day One July 1 1974 air staff

September 9, 2018

Dick Wilson and Loy Edge lunch with Dick and his fellow KY102 first day air staffers.  It was July 1, 1974 when this team hit the air to launch the legendary KY102 Kansas City.  Listen to the memories and tall tales told as we think we remembered them plus more stories of concerts, celebrities, and mayhem in the first few months of the birth of this KC iconic radio rocker.  Dick Wilson mornings, KC Stangel middays, Max Floyd afternoons, Katfish Kris Kelly nights and Cliff Beahm overnights!


Worldwide voiceover artist Jim Birdsall on Dick & Loy’s Media & Marketing Mayhem

August 26, 2018

You've heard this guy all over NFL Films, CNBC TV, Hallmark Hall of Fame and many more.  He's from Kansas City but heard worldwide as a one of the top voiceover artists in the industry.  It's Jim Birdsall and Dick Wilson and Loy Edge sit down for a chat about the business, his family and living life in a booth!  PLUS Leon has a song in the lounge about Kansas City trying to become a big deal, our salesguy Buzz Martini has finally hit podcast income paydirt & Tony Labrusso, second base coach for the Royals, wants to use Dick & Loy in a baseball event that might end it all.  Enjoy wherever you get your pods...


Mark Edelman of Theater League on Dick & Loy’s Media & Marketing Mayhem

August 19, 2018

Dick Wilson & Loy Edge are back with KC Theater League leader Mark Edelman who is retiring from that position after 40 years.  Hear stories of theater production and celebrity actor mayhem plus some Mark Edelman audio we guarantee you've never heard before!  Plus a trip to the Dick & Loy employee lounge reveals a celebrity duo from the past with a new song about a newsmaker named Omarosa.  Get it where you grab your podcasts and thanks for listening.


Chuck Haddix & The Marr Sound Archives on Dick & Loy’s Media & Marketing Mayhem

August 5, 2018

Dick Wilson & Loy Edge are back with Chuck Haddix or Chuck Haddock, the same guy with two interesting careers.   He's the host of The Fish Fry on KCUR Friday and Saturday nights plus he's the curator of the 350,000 items in the Marr Sound Archives at UMKC.  On this show you'll hear sounds from radio shows from the 1930s, WHB jingles, sounds from an Edison recording device, the KC guy who signed the Beatles to Capitol Records, the story behind Milton's bar and the background on The Fish Fry show.  Plus Buzz Martini, our sales guy, chimes in with a new plan, the Jazz Guy performs in the employee lounge and Tony Labruso, second base coach for the KC Royals has some last minute promotional ideas.  Thanks for downloading, streaming, or ignoring the whole thing!


Randy Wisthoff, Rich Linden and Shawn Mullane on Dick & Loy’s Media & Marketing Mayhem

July 19, 2018

Dick Wilson & Loy Edge welcome three KC personalities to this show.  Randy Wisthoff, Director of the Kansas City Zoo, Rich Linden, arena announcer & event planner with The Linden Group and Shawn Mullane, talent agent & co-owner of Exposure Model & Talent Agency.  Plus Buzz Martini our podcast sales guy has an idea on how Dick and Loy can make money with the new BIRD scooters downtown and a special call from Beverly Hills.  Thanks for listening!